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As a general rule, we base our sizes on normal US jeans and shirts sizes. This is easier than giving out exact measurements, as these do not take into account  the elasticity of the fabric, which impacts the fit. To be more precise, you'll find weight/height tables below.

28-29 –> XS
30-32 –> S
32-34 –> M
34-36 –> L
36-38 –> XL
38-40 –> XXL 
26-28 –> XS
28-30 –> S
30-32 –> M
32-34 –> L
34-36 –> XL
36-38 –> 2XL
We recommend our customers to go for their usual shirt size. If you are in between 2 sizes, size up.
We decided to make 2 distinct group of sizes. XS/S/M for a straighter body. And L/XL/XXL for a more curvy body.
25-26 –> XS
27-28 –> S
29-30 –> M
31-33 –> L
34-36 –> XL
36-38 –> 2XL
If you are in between 2 sizes, choose the size above.
This is an easier fit, choose your normal shirt size.
We offer free size exchange only within the EU and US, provided your leggings, pants or Bowtex shirt are in new condition and in the original packaging. You can request a one-time free return slip from us by email within 14 days of purchase.
For countries outside the EU or USA, customers must return their purchase at their own expense.
All our equipment can be washed like normal clothes, in the washing machine, subject to certain conditions.

  • Wash at 30°C
  • Low speed spin
  • No dryer
  • Do not use detergent
  • Hang to dry
  • Keep away from direct sunlight (for Essential and Standard R)
These instructions are visible on all the marking labels of our products.
It's cooler to ride in Bowtex gear! Your regular pair of jeans or pants are made with loose fabrics or knits that allow air to pass through. With a pair of Bowtex leggings underneath, you end up with two breathable layers! And when the temperature drops, you can adapt by wearing thicker pants or jeans for added insulation.
Some single-layer motorcycle jeans are made from very dense and thick fabrics in order to obtain good certification levels, which sometimes creates an uncomfortable feeling and can prevent good airflow.
Our soft, stretchy fabrics feel like you're wearing a premium sports baselayer...but incredibly durable! Move freely and slide it easily under any pair of jeans or pants.
Shipping costs are calculated at checkout. They depend on your location and the total amount of your order.
It is a very good choice! A perfect combination since you benefit from level AAA abrasion protection as well as impact protection on the shoulders and elbows, and the airbag vest takes care of the rest. We recommend wearing your airbag vest over the Elite jacket or the Standard R jacket. It is therefore not necessary to insert the back and chest protectors since the Airbag will take care of absorbing shocks in these areas.
All our equipment weighs between 600 grams and 1 kilo, which is much lighter than traditional motorcycle equipment, and yet offers increased resistance.
They are easy to pack with you on your travels when not in use, which is much more convenient than having to carry your motorcycle jacket or pants with you all the time.
We do not offer this service: this is to optimize the use of the fabric during the production phase. We prototype our equipment in our workshop in Brussels, but only garments that leave the factory can be CE certified, as they are manufactured to CE standard specifications. Bikers are often very pleased with how stretchy our clothing is, which is why we suggest you try one out for yourself.
Knee protectors should ideally not be placed too high on the leg as they tend to ride up when seated on your motorcycle. The top of the knee protector should cover your kneecap and the bottom of the knee protector should cover part of your shin. Bend your leg like in the motorcycle position and check the correct placement.

The SAS-TEC protectors we use are very powerful shock absorption systems and are designed for use with motorcycle equipment only. Due to the great flexibility of the material, it is tempting to fold them in half, but this risks breaking the thin layer of silicone which is at the base of the studs. Furthermore, this is not their normal intended use.
The normal direction of use, as confirmed by SAS-TEC, is fabric side out. Not so much because this has an impact on the resistance, but above all because the fold will then be made towards the inside of the studs, which eliminates the risk of breakage if the fold is made in the other direction.
All our equipment is delivered with the protections fabric side out and this must be re-inserted in this direction after washing.
Below we can see the crack of a protection that has been folded in half in the wrong direction.

You can wear them under any pants, even slim pants! Bowtex equipment is close to the body and designed to slide under your usual clothing.